Ever wondered? That the yoga asanas which you practice affect you according to your zodiac signs. You have certain behavioral qualities as per your sign which makes you prone to a few diseases, ailments and injuries. Yoga Asanas are one of those things, which are effective and beneficial according to your zodiac sign.

According to that, there is a list of asanas that you should try out to lead a better life.


Aries rules the brain and head so they are prone to suffer headaches, depression and even sunstroke. Also, their tendency to jump into action makes them vulnerable to head injuries. They are usually athletic. Asana like Virabhadrasana or also known as the Warrior Pose is beneficial for Aries.


Taurus is often found to be suffering from throat and neck ailments. They are very prone to nose, throat, ear and even respiratory health issues. The best-suited yoga asana for Taurus is the Tree pose of the Vrksasana. It brings them closer to the essence of earth and chanting along with helps them in curing their health issues.



Gemini is an air element and governs the arms, hands, nervous system and the lungs. The best asana for Gemini would be Plow or Halasana and Salamba Sarvangasana because they are found to have frozen shoulders, cervical issues etc.


Cancer, a water element, is sensitive. It controls the stomach, digestion, breast and the chest region in the body. They are susceptible to a bad stomach. They are also weak in defending themselves from common ailments like cough, cold, weak eyes. As it is ruled by the Moon, the most effective yoga pose for them to practice is the half moon or Ardha Chandrasana. This asana helps them to channel their inner self. Pavanamuktasana is also an asana that would benefit them.


A fire element and ruled by the Sun people born under this sign should do Surya Namaskar that is, in other words, give their salutations to Sun. Leo governs the spine, forearms, upper arms and the heart. They are prone to heart diseases as well as back pain problems. Given this, they should do Matsyasana too as it is good for the heart.


Virgo, an earth element, governs the central nervous system, the intestines, and the spleen. So, they are exposed to bowel issues or stomach-related problems too. Of all the zodiacs they are the ones who are too anxious about their health. To help in strengthening their nervous system they should try the Viparita Karani or the Salamba Sirsasana.


Libra governs the kidneys, lower back lumbar, bladder, and the skin. They are at risk of kidney and liver diseases because of their love for all things sugar and buttery. They love exquisiteness and balance and harmony they should go for Nadi Shodhana Pranayama.


Scorpio’s depth of mind and soul are unfathomable. This sign controls the pelvis area and reproductive system. Hence, they are known to have problems pertaining to that of the bladder, genitals kidneys, and even the liver. For them, Ustrasana or the camel pose is the best yoga asana because it helps in toning the abdominal muscles. They may also try the Baddha Konasana or the cobbler pose.



Sagittarius rules the thighs, hips and the sacral area in the body. They are often prone to sciatica and suffer from joint pains in the hips and thigh region. Like their fellow fire signs, they are also prone to abnormal accidents and sudden sickness or weakness. The best yoga asana for Sagittarius is the Trikonasana or the triangular pose or the Eka Pada Rajakopotasana.


It rules the knees, skin and the bones. Known to be extremely hardworking and intensely practical they are prone to accidents that lead to fractures, knee pain and other issues related to the legs. The suggested best yoga asana for this zodiac sign is the King pigeon pose or the Eka Pada Rajakapotsana. It helps in strengthening the spine, groin and the thigh region in the body.



As an air element, the Aquarius governs the knees, ankles, circulation of blood in the body and everything to do with the legs. They generally complain about severe cramps in the legs region and even spasms issues in the nervous system, diarrhea, and cirrhosis. The best yoga poses for the Aquarius is the Setu Bandha Sarvangasana or the bridge pose.


It rules the lymphatic system, the liver, skin, and the feet. It is the most sensitive of all. They usually have inflammatory problems. According to their oceanic influence, they too should go for Matsyasana or the fish pose just like Leo. It would help them in balancing water in the body. Other than this they should try the pose of the Baddha Konasana which will help resolve their feet issues.

Try these asana’s to lead a healthy life!

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