Ever felt that you aren’t good enough? Ever felt heartbreak or confusion in life? If you’re stuck somewhere in life, This book Kintsukuroi comes as a saviour. More than self-love, the book leads you to every aspect of life. From friendship to love, it has vaguely something for everyone.

“Some things are not planned, they just happen, because they are supposed to happen. I will just say, While opening the gems pack we should be prepared and excited for the colours we might get.”

This quote from Kintsukuroi by Kritansha Arora is one of the enchanting quotes from this book. The speciality about the book is a surprise at the end of each chapter, some just spectacular and some were so relatable.

Begin from the quote, “To the one we tend to take for granted”, the book started through the narration of a lead character Anishka who is Vivacious, Independent, Ambitious girl. If you’re the one who trusts easily, you will surely relate to this character. Sometimes on the way of following our heart, we forget to follow our instincts. Sometimes life could be very confusing, but friends and family come to rescue. I fell in love with the friend’s gang Ragini Devina, Sahil and Anishka but no Kabir, please. After reading this book, I desperately want this type of gang in my life with whom I can share everything, whether my happiness or difficult phase of life. There’s one character Sahil that will amaze you and I want him in my life right now!!

Every character of this story has something which words can’t define. The love, mutual understanding, care between friends is the thing we all craved for. Sometimes you feel the story is being over dramatic or kind of fairy tale but later, you’ll realise that this is real life.

The story was predictable but I love how she beautifully embedded every single detail of life.

From writing to the narration, Kritansha Arora has done it beautifully. Without using extensive words, she kept the book simple and light read.

Basically, Kintsukroi means “The Japanese art of mending broken pottery with gold or silver”. The meaning beautifully connected with this book “The breaking is not something to hide. It does not mean that the work of art is ruined or has become without value because it is different than what was planned. Kintsukuroi is a way of living that embraces every flaw and imperfection. Every crack is part of the history of the object.”

One thing I loved most about the book is how she penned down about the City Delhi and October weather. October is neither too cold nor hot at all, Delhi’s October are the most beautiful, they can make you happy, sad, nostalgic, or can cause craving too, they can make you calm or the other day can make you the most energetic person. These sentences will make you fall in love with yourself and the city of Delhi again and again!!

You should read this book, it will give you some positive vibes towards life. Believe in own self and the things will be fine. Well, I am rating 4.0 stars to the appealing book Kintsukuroi: Mend it to beautify it by Kritansha Arora. Weather and this book, a perfect combination, What are you waiting for? Give it a read, let us know your reviews too in the comments section below.


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