Since the downfall of the Kapil Sharma show,  The expectations of the public from the talented comedian went down. Not even the channel’s expectations but his mates were also got hurt because of his behavior.

After that, we have witnessed the downfall of Kapil Sharma from a sudden break of the show to the vanish of the Name which was like a brand, a few months ago.

Even after the comeback appearance, as Family time with Kapil Sharma, on the Sony TV, The Show couldn’t survive more.

Kapil Sharma-Sherkhan


The recent information states that the name that almost faded out is getting into the discussion once again. But, this time it is not because of any wrongdoing, it is because of Salman Khan.

Actually,  Salman Khan is helping Kapil Sharma. The renowned comedian will make his come back possible because of the reason that  Kapil Sharma will be seen acting in Salman Khan’s new film “Sherkhan”. The film will be directed by Salman’s Brother Sohel Khan.

Salman Khan is the Person who helped many people struggling to make their career. There is No doubt that Kapil Sharma has made Salman Laugh a lot.  So If Salman will allow Kapil to be a part of his film, it will be like giving him a new life.

This new initiative from Salman Khan definitely must be cheering Kapil Sharma about it.  Infact, let’s take an example of Bobby Deol, we can see the tranformation in the man.  The career Of Bobby Deol almost got vanished. But then, after Race 3, we can still expect him to appear more often in the cinema.

Even Daisy Shah, she was only a dancer when she frist appeared in Indian Cinema after she made her debut in Salman’s Film “Tere Naam”

May be, after “Sherkhan”, a Sohel Khan’s directorial, we might get to see something new from Kapil Sharma.



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