Spanish football federation chief Luis Rubiales confirmed.

Taking the football world by a storm, Spain decided to sack manager Julen Lopetegui. It all happened as Real Madrid made a surprise announcement on Tuesday by naming Lopetegui as their next manager to start work after the FIFA World Cup which is being held in Russia.

The Spanish fans and the federation did not quite appreciate the timing of the announcement and they were outraged. “We have been forced to do without Lopetegui,” stated Luis Rubiales. “I have spoken with the players, and I can guarantee that they will do everything they can with the new coaching staff, we are in a very difficult situation.”

When asked about whether the federation feels cheated or not, Rubiales said that “I do not feel betrayed because Julen has done a relentless job, but we are forced to move on this because of how things have been done,”

The trouble came as Julen had signed a contract of extension until 2020 just last month. The chief did show his disappointment and anger when he expressed that things could have been more professional. “He is a professional, but this is not correct and we can’t look the other way.”You can’t do things like that, five minutes before it’s official.

He also gave the reason for quick action against the manager, “I came from Moscow because this issue is more important, and we had to react.”I saw it in the press, it had already happened, and because of my responsibility, I know that whatever I do, there will be criticism” explained Luis.

The president further expressed that he did not want to judge Real Madrid and concluded that “Julen would have liked things to have been done differently. “I don’t have to judge Real Madrid; the one who brought the matter to him is responsible because things can’t be done that way.”



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