The Game of Thrones is all over us and its mania is hitting everyone hard and one who have started atching it, won’t get over it , finally the new season brought new curiosity everywhere and we have found out something amusing. Celebrate the awesome destination of India which look like those of Game Of Thrones !

1. The Sands & Forts of Rajasthan – Qarth


2. The roads of Tawang- Way to the Eyrie


3. The lakes & greenery of Udaipur- Dorne


4. The Forts of Maharashtra- Casterly Rock


5. Key Monastery – Moat Cailin or Winterfell


6.  Zanskar Valley as North of the Wall


7.Varanasi for King’s Landing


8. Aamer Fort for Highgarden


9. Jim Corbett for Essos


10. Puducherry for Atorpos


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