What is the thing that differ us from the rest of the world ?

Well ! the fact that we are different. TBH ! Unlike others, we don’t give a damn about the ongoing trends. The concept of walk with time is none of our business. We live the way we want to ! and we are like this only.

Still confused ?? Check out below :

Searching for food on google ?? Well ! here is google :


Our dogs don’t lie :


And monkeys are busy in cooking :


We are so ahead of time that we use tablets for roti making :


Though we have an experience of over 4000 years in teaching :


We eat wafers that too cashless !


Here technology flows within


You wouldn’t have seen this big grapes yet :


Drive safe ! for sure.


Don’t know what shashi would be thinking doing this ?


Urghhh !!


We needn’t to have fields to grow crops


Diesel in a rikshaw ! or rikshaw with a diesel. Never mind !


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