Instagram has reached to 1 billion monthly active users on 20th June, 2018. To celebrate it, they launched a new feature (Instagram’s new feature) as well as standalone application, IGTV (Instagram television).

IGTV is a Instagram’s new feature as well as standalone application. Through IGTV, users will be able to display the videos vertically and on full-screen. It will feature content on your feed from the people whom you follow on Instagram. IGTV is also a separate mobile application, where videos will start playing when the application opens.

How do I get IGTV in my phone?

Well there is two ways to get and use IGTV. The first one is from Instagram app, where a little button will appear if people on your Instagram have posted something new.

The IGTV button in the Instagram might not showing up to some users, but it will be available to all users in some days.

The second one is the separate app of IGTV, which is available on playstore. You can easily download the application from playstore.

Instagram’s new feature – IGTV

Firstly it is a feature that is available on Instagram feed and it’s also a seperate application. Well, it is organised in channels. Anyone can upload the videos on IGTV to start their own channel. People will be able to comment on it and send them to friends. The videos will be more engaging and more emotional. Users will able to see full-screen, portrait orientation videos. As there are no ads in the video. Until now there’s been a limit of 60-second on the Instagram videos. Now, the limit has been raised to the duration of 60 minutes. We must say It is designed to challenge YouTube and Snapchat.

How do I watch videos?

1. You can discover the videos on your Instagram’s feed but this option is not available for everyone, you have to wait for it. The IGTV feature will pop on your feed in some days.

2. Just download the IGTV app and open it up. You can watch the vdeos of people you follow on Instagram. Their IGTV videos will show up automatically on your screen.

You can also scroll through various posts that takes information from Instagram to find out what you want to watch.
You can also see “popular” videos that are basically trending on IGTV application.

How do I make Videos?

1. You can make it through new feature that appear on your Instagram feed. For now, the feature is not available for everyone so you have to wiat for it.

2. Well, there is also a second option for you. Users can make their own IGTV videos.

  • Download the IGTV app and open the application.
  • Log in through your Instagram account and then click on profile which is on the right side. Setup your channel.
  • Now start sharing your videos, you can click your profile again and press the plus button and then you’ll be able to upload the video.
Note – You’ll have to record the videos somewhere else, like in the built-in camera app then you can share it from your camera roll.

Chief Executive Officer Kevin Systrom said, “Instagram wants to make possible for anyone to become famous through Instagram’s new feature IGTV, not just the people who are already famous.

After knowing about this new feature, we’re too excited to make our first IGTV video. We must say, it’s a big opportunity for those who want to become famous through their skills and work.

Well are you excited about this new feature of Instagram? Let us know in the comments section below.




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