Gradually day by day Ranbir Kapoor and Alia Bhatt are seen to share good chemistry publically. Seems like the couple is not afraid to share what’s really inside. During this course w often see reactions from ex-partners, (it is seen even in common cases).  Recently with Ranbir-Alia updates taking the round in B-town, something also came up the way.

It is something from Ranbir’s Ex-girlfriend and Alia’s Best friend Katrina Kaif. Ever since the news is out that Ranbir and Alia are together, It has been noticed by many that Katrina has made the certain gap from Alia Bhatt.

Ranbir, Alia, Katrina

Until then, it was fine to witness that kind of reaction, as it is a very common trait of us humans. But then, the actress made the headlines when she forecasted the relationship status of Couple Ranbir and Alia. According to  Katrina Kaif (Tiger Zinda Hai actress), she feels that, just like Rabir has left her in the middle while they were in a relationship, he will cheat Alia Bhatt as well.


At one time in the past, Ranbir has been the same (all romantic and in love) with Katrina Kaid, as he is with Alia Today. During that time, Katrina got readily convinced to get married to him. Ranbir once took her for a Christmas lunch with his family but after few months the B-town got hit up with another spilt of couples. Turned out it was Ranbir and Katrina’s split.

Now In Ranbir’s life, it is none other than, Katrina’s best friend Alia Bhatt. So Far even Alia is getting green signals from Ranbir’s Parents. From Ranbir’s mother Neetu to his sister Ridhima, everyone already welcomed her in the family. Even Ranbir is thinking about getting married. But then, her ex-partner, who knew him to the core, still feels that Ranbir would do the same thing with Alia, That Alia would suffer from the same pain.


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