To give the best treatment to your partner you as a MAN first need to be aware that what happens to a woman and her body when she goes through her regular monthly bleeding or menstruation?

Well,  During the time when a lady bleeds she has to deal with the bloating (swelling) in the abdomen, apart from that breast tenderness, headache, fatigue, cramps are the common and regular effects that occur to her body when she is menstruating.

On the emotional side, heightened emotional sensitivity is something that brings little stress on small topics, sometimes anxiety, and, most commonly mood swings. But it is not compulsory that these can happen to every woman, some might not display the same symptoms every month.

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Yesterday on 28th May, it was Menstruation Hygiene Day, as much as it is important to stay hygienic during this time it is also important for others to understand how they should treat and behave their partners. So I thought how informative it would be to open up and share what we ladies demand or expect from our loving and caring partners during the time when we go through our monthly cycle.

Down here: I am listing out how you can be caring and loving even more by just taking few careful steps and sweet gestures for your beloved, considering her monthly cycle as a normal part of your life.

Avoid Triggers

Actually, during periods Her heightened sensitivity may make her burst into tears at the smallest thing. What you can do is to try dealing with it patiently when you find the topic is small or And try to take a little extra care of things that tend to irritate her.

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Don’t Run Away from her emotions

Do not run away from her emotions, being close to a partner it is a pronto have someone to talk to about anything and everything. whether it is too silly or too emotional. Also, If she wants you to leave, she will most likely ask for space.  The main key here is a mutual understanding. She will love you for this!

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Don’t try to fix her

This is a very essential point in understanding that not everything needs to get fixed, sometimes you get to accept the way things are. otherwise, it will not only make you tired but also it will create unnecessary complications in your relationships. what you can do is help create a cozy environment for her, Hugs are also great.

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Be a chef

Cook dinner if possible, elimination of extra exercise can really help her to relax, elimination of extra exercise can really help her to relax.

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Keep thing noted

Keep a check if she is having everything she needs to stay hygienic during her periods. From pads to menstruation cups whatever she needs, she is having a stock full or not?

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Be a gentleman

if you find any stain on bedsheets or her clothes, you can be polite and keep patience until she gets the other bedsheets done or simply help her doing/changing the bedsheets.

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Show some gestures

On her days, you can keep the warm water ready for her bath. it will surely win her heart and if you don’t know let me tell you. taking a warm water bath helps to get relief in the bleeding veins.

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Be a warm back support

Give her some massage (on her lower back) or wherever she tells you (wink!). During the initial stage, the nerves get heavy and sensitive and that is why it aches so much. A message will really help her feel less pain.

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You Know the key to success. Spread the word for informative today and a healthy tomorrow.

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