There is a word called as Flirt and then there is something called as Healthy Flirt. The second one is what works like a key to making a place in somebody’s heart, especially when that person is your crush.  If you genuinely feel something for someone, you would do or say anything which can make them happy or which can keep them smiling all the time.

But when the moment comes, we tend to forget what we have to say or our heartbeats rush like we are on a roller-coaster, and we skip the very important part of making your partner smile.

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You don’t really have to put your maths here to plan how you can make the girl you love/like, SMILE. You just have to keep it simple as much as it is possible.  For example, the best way to impress them is by being vocal about your feelings in a very sweet and memorable way.

Source: Giphy

I am going to list out one-liners which are precisely going to help you keep the person Smile when you will be around.

1. When you want them to be a little aware of what is going on in your mind about them.

2. When you want to compliment them.

3. For this one, you need to keep the time balance and become responsive by making a sudden move.

4. When you want to make her realise her speciality in fewer words.


5. When you want to appreciate her for something.

6. when you want to praise her for being real.

7. when you wanna sound a little cheesy (and she likes cheesy boys).

8. when you want to make the next move and wanna ask her for a date.

9. Another example of asking your crush out for a good date.

10. This one is for the time when something started between you and you wanna initiate a mutual understanding thing in between.


That’s how simple it is, GO Make a Move.

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