Journalism can never be silent: That is its greatest virtue and its greatest fault. It must speak, and speak immediately, while the echoes of wonder, the claims of triumph and the signs of horror are still in the air.” and the journalist are paying the price of their speech and expression with their lives. seeing the condition of journalism turning from Watchdogs to lapdogs and journalist being killed for expressing and exposing the truth very clearly depict the  shoddy and grievous phase of Journalism.  Journalist  murder has always been in the headlines ever since the time of Independence but unlike or we may say like other crimes it has only increased with each passing day.

Words are my Weapon & Truth My Killer

Since 1992 Till 2016 a  total of 41 Journalists have been killed till date. well this number may be higher as the records don’t really have all the murders mentioned. Journalist have always been the eye target to silence the truth. Journalism is said to be an art of getting the truth and printing it but looking at the present scenario it seems now it is more like get the truth and risk your life. One after the other the killing of journalist is not just a challenge to the committee set up for protecting the Journalist and also to to country where journalism is considered as the fourth pillar of Democracy.

The celebration of World Press Freedom Day and Journalism day doesn’t really hold any importance if we fail to keep the true essence of journalism alive.


After the Gauri Lankesh murder or let say after every murder the outburst that is seen is the public can bte said to be nothing more than a media hype of TRP gain game where both the  media and the system  seem so much concerned that it seems it would certainly be the last such incident. But then it gets back into oblivion with the same speed it gets hyped.

Another shocking incident took place on thursday when a Journalist and Editor-in-chief of “Rising Kashmir” Shujaat Bukhari and his two personal security officers (PSOs) were shot dead by terrorists outside the newspaper’s office in the heart of Jammu and Kashmir’s summer capital. the gruesome murder took place around 7:30 PM when he was leaving his office with his two PSO’s. Bukhari was attacked in 2000 owing to which he was provided with Personal Security Officers.  he had also worked as the state correspondent for national daily ‘The Hindu’ for several years.

The Prominent leaders of the country have expressed their condolences through their tweet but the question still hangs midway that how long and how many more murders will the country witness until it gets the Press Freedom in True sense.

How long until we understand that they are not killing the Journalist but along side also the spirit of truth and nationalism.




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