Whatever is in the world, there is a reason for it. The jersey numbers of cricketers are different, not serial wise. Many people had this question once but they never tried to find out the reason behind it. To give a break to your curiosity, we will tell you the hidden story and reason behind the Jersey number of Cricketers.

Cricket is like a religion in India. But few people know everything about Cricket, one such thing is ‘ jersey number’. Sachin’s jersey number is 10, Dhoni wears a number 7 while Virat Kohli has 18 number of Jersey. Every cricketer has a number on the jersey, which becomes his identity. Just like jersey number 7, we know that this is Mahendra Singh Dhoni’s jersey number. Seeing number 10, we instantly think about Sachin Tendulkar. But you know that this jersey number connected to something different.

Every player has a different jersey number. That jersey number does not belong to any other player in that team. I used to think that this jersey number decided by the cricket board. But there is no role of Board of Control and International Cricket Council in deciding of jersey number to the cricketers. The players choose the jersey number by their own.

The jersey number of famous players becomes the number one icon. Like 10, 7 and 18 are a big number but not many people know the interesting stories behind the numbers.

The player’s jersey number is not the number, but there is a story behind it. Sachin Tendulkar’s jersey number is 10 and the reason is that he got ten in his surname Tendulkar so he kept this number. While Dhoni’s jersey number is 7 because it’s a lucky number for him. Virat Kohli was very close to his father when he was playing a domestic match, his father passed away but even then he played and after that went to the funeral. His father died on 18th December 2006 that’s why he chose this number for the jersey.

It’s not enough to see cricket If you don’t know the hidden and good thing about it. Such small information that exists somewhere, sometimes about the player or sometimes just facts is useful and necessary.


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