Birthdays are special, they become special even more when our near and dear ones fill our day with their wishes that apparently makes our day. Birthday brings back the cherishable and happy moments back to life when we lost all the hopes of even have the prettiest smiles.

That happens when we surround ourselves with amazing friends. You would agree with me here that we have all type of friends. few of them are too good at wishing, and some of them are too bad at wishing, but the way they express the wishes and makes our day, THAT PARTICULAR THING WINS HEART.

so, to help all those, who are not so good at wishing Birthday, but are our close buddies.

Ihave made a list of 10 Happy Birthday Wishes. You can share them directly, or use them as your WhatsApp story or just simply write them on your statuses on social media.

It will work best for you.

here it is:-

1. I hope your birthday is magical. May your gift be Healthy, love and full of Happiness.

2. I fell in love with you not for how you look, just for how you are. happy birthday my life.

3. Every year on your birthday, you get a chance to start new And in the end is not the year in your life that count, it’s the life in your year.


4. Birthdays are natures way of telling us to eat more cake.


5. I’m so glad you that born because you have brightened my life and filled it with joy. Happy birthday.

6. Some like Sunday some like Monday, but I like your birthday. Happy Birthday to my sweetheart.

7. May this day bring to you all the things that make you smile.

8. Birthdays are good for me. The more I have, the longer I live.

9. May all happiness and joy come true in your life. Many many happy returns of the day. Happy birthday day

10. Forget the fact that you are aging, and let us start celebrating! Happy birthday!


We have lined up more wishes for you to wish your friends Happy Birthday. Click here to find out more.

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The images are designed by Anupam Singh


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