The time has come when the system has realized the necessity of overall grooming of the nation’s future. With bags weighing half of their own weight students till now were burdened with syllabus which not only pressurized them to the verge of cramming up the entirety of it but also hindered their growth as a smart and educated person. Government decided to reduce NCERT syllabus and this decision announced by Union HRD Minister.

What was happening was deteriorating quality of the nation’s own future assets. They were not learning, they were just being tested for much they can memorize in a limited time span.

The pattern we have in our country only evaluates the skills on paper and not the intelligence on field in practical. Surely and steadily the first step towards improving the situation has been taken.

In an attempt to relieve the school students NCERT has decided that the syllabus will be reduced to half from the next academic session.

HRD Minister Prakash Javadekar said, “At the stage of development of cognitive skills, students need to be given full freedom. I have asked NCERT to reduce the syllabus by half and it will be effective from the 2019 academic session.”

Examination and detention policies will be re-evaluated. Though examination is being considered a vital procedure in a student’s life to instill the feeling of competition which ultimately encourages them to work hard towards a goal, detention is going to be seen from another angle. If a student is not able to do well in March he/she will be given another chance in May but if they fail both the times they will be detained.

We are sure that these reforms are going to give the students better opportunities to grow and learn. With less burden they will also be able to perform better. This is ultimately going to improve the quality of education. Now the teachers will have enough time to explain the topics to students instead of being in a rush to complete it before examination time.

We must say, it’s a good step towards better education.


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