Giving gifts can be a really tough task sometimes. The gift has to be thoughtful as well as creative enough especially its someone really dear to you. The thought is there to let them know how much you know, their ins and outs, likes and dislikes, choices and interests. The gift is like a declaration of your love for them, a token of thanks for being in your life and standing by your side.

Now, when it comes to boyfriends it might get a level more tricky. But not to fear when we are here(Wink!.) We have listed down a few gifts which you can give to your boyfriend and some of them you can do it yourself which might help you in showcasing the efforts you have put in it.

Nowadays you can get everything customized. So let’s start with the ones where you can buy a gift and also give it a personal touch with the help of these miracle services of customization.

  1. To start off with we have customized coffee mugs which are the most cliche and easy gift to give to your boyfriend. Every day in the morning he will be reminded of you while having tea/coffee!
  2. Another classic gifts are customized wallets. You can have their name or a quote imprinted on the wallet which is super cool for a guy.
  3. Couple t-shirts are a rage. Almost every other couple in the street does have one. Go get one for you guys too.
  4. What about a Rubix cube? Not the usual ones but the ones which have your photographs in the blocks instead of the normal colors.
  5. One more unique personalized gift can cufflinks with a quote, a name or just a word written on it.
  6. If you wanna get a bit naughty you can give them boxers with “Property Of ‘Name Here'” written on them. Funny right?
  7. Next thing we have on our list is bracelets, the leather ones. The personalized part would be coordinates of a place which holds some value for you. It can be the place where you got proposed or in another scenario, you proposed, or the place you had your first kiss, or you can also plan a special date and invite your boyfriend through the bracelet.
  8. This one is gonna be a DIY where you can create a playlist according to their favorites for them and give it to them on a pen drive. Thoughtful isn’t it?

Well, moving to gifts other than DIYS OR personalization although you can still give them a personal touch.

  1. Wrist Watches are kinda over-rated so instead give your bae a pocket watch. Keep it classy and vintage.
  2. Gift them a compass which will guide them to the right path in their life.
  3. If your guy is a tech-savvy give him a tech organization kit wherein he can properly organize his items.
  4. Get them a combination of a key and necklace. Wait, let us explain, give them a necklace with a key as a locket. Innovative right!
  5. If you guys are the type who love to travel then you can get a travel journal where you can store your memories in the pictures and write about your trip.
  6. If your bae is the nerdy type then nothing can beat a good classic book of the genre he loves.
  7. A get whatever you want card. It will save you the time of excessive pondering over what to give which is actually going to be of their use and also they will get whatever they have been waiting for. It can be as basic as maybe a brand new pen or as creative as a new position he might want to try out the next time in bed!
    (Wink!.) We already told you about gifting a personalized wallet now you can either give this one to your bae in their previous wallet or it can be an added bonus with a new wallet.
  8. Denim Jacket is an evergreen gift. Never dissappoints.
  9. To add something to that cool look you can give them a funky cap or a ran ban aviators.
  10. If your guy is one who smokes you can gift them a cigar or a cigarette lighter.
  11. Suede footwear to give them something to walk in!
  12. Couple pillowcases are something cute that you can gift them.

If you have any other gift idea do comment it and help out other girls!


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