Ghoul, Netflix’s horror series is a dramatic and intriguing with stellar cast directed by Patrick Graham. If we want to describe the whole series in a single word then there is no better word than perfection. The season comprised of three episodes are too fascinating and interesting.

Ghoul is an out of the box series for Indian audience that tells us the exact meaning of horror and thrill. Well, it is something different from Indian horror movies that thrilled us. In Indian horror, there is no horror at all and that thing is we all can admit.

But this series is a new thing in horror cinema that is different from basic and mainstream horror, (bhootpret, aatma kind of things).

The title Ghoul reminds us the character of devil like figure, a deadliest sin whom we make to face our guilt. The series is a horror drama but it’s basically about the religion, national, anti-national or terrorism. Radhika Apte plays the character of Nida Azmi, daughter of the person who taught anti national literature to people while Manav Kaul as captain Sunil Dacunha is a Christian character.

The first episode titled begins with scary scenes of a man covered in blood and the word Ghoul carved into him. After that, story diverts into back and what has already happened. There are also scenes of arresting people and burning seditious literature and belongings.  But Nida is actually a nation lover and she won’t even hesitate to get her father arrested for the safety of nation. Nida Azmi, who was posted up in the Meghdoot – 31 to interrogate a deadly terrorist Ali Saeed. The covert detention center is so scary where the team of Meghdoot 31 interrogate terrorists. Nida’s interactions with the team members create a strange vibe around her but she followed every instruction given to her. Every member of the team except captain Sunil Dacunha see her as a terrorist and anti-national just because of her father having anti national thoughts.

Ali Saeed is actually dead and the person who is in the detention center is Ghoul. Well, Nida (played by Radhika Apte) asked to the Maulvi about the truth of the identity of Ali Saeed. She find out that he is actually a ghoul, a monster who feeds off guilt and insecurity. She also get to know that her father called the ghoul to give her a lesson. In the end, every character is dead but Nida and Ahmed (who was innocent locked in detention center) escaped from Ghoul. In last, Manav Kaul as captain Sunil Dacunha also escaped from ghoul but Nida shot him because she thought that it was ghoul as a face of Sunil.

The episode came to an end with Ahmed’s case has been sent to a civil court while Nida Rahim being accused as a terrorist like her father. In last, she was sitting in a jail as blood was pouring from her mouth. After that, she takes a blade and cuts her hand like her father did. The ending leaves us with many questions whether she will call Ghoul like her father did or there is something else.

Ghoul is a wonderful creation of Blumhouse productions with Ivanhoe Pictures, Anurag Kashyap & Vikramaditya Motwane’s Phantom Films. Blumhouse productions house is the one behind masterpieces like Insidious, Get Out, Split, Sinister and many more.

The whole series of three episodes made us realised that blind love for the country is harmful, there are many powerful people who takes the advantage of it. We should distinguish between the two people that who is real and who is fake one.

Well, we’re waiting for season 2 because it’s a horror in a new form. So, it made us realised that horror can be filled with the many things.

Let us know about your reviews for this series Ghoul in the comments section below.


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