Indian Prime Minister is on the Second visit to China in last six weeks, The meeting with Chinese President Xi Jinping has a lot to offer on the table for discussion from global action against terror networks to boosting trade. India’s IT and pharmaceutical sectors are being talked about too.

Narendra Modi is on a two-day visit to China, to attend the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation or SCO summit.  the summit is basically a Wuhan informal summit between India and China for the bilateral relationship.

Also, the main concern is the Trade imbalance between India and China.

“There are some non-tariff barriers in China which need to be removed for this to happen,”

said Gautam Bambawale, an Indian envoy in China, he also said that exports from India’s IT and pharmaceutical sectors could help bring down the trade.

At one place Xi described Wuhan as a new starting point, on the other side PM Modi called the summit a milestone in the relationship.

Another important development was that Modi and Xi agreed to identify a project in “capacity building” in Afghanistan on which the two countries can work together.

Source: Google

The two leaders planned to create a mechanism to provide strategic guidance to the two militaries to keep peace on the border of the two countries and take forward the connectivity projects in third countries, starting in Afghanistan.

China and India in their bilateral agreement discussed to continue the sharing of hydrological data on Brahmaputra river. the agreement also highlighted that China expects businesses from over 100 countries — including India.

During that  PMO India highlighted the negative balance of trade arrangement for India and expressed the hope that China would buy a range of products like rice, sugar, and pharmaceuticals from India.


ministry of external affairs, India, took to his tweeter about the meeting held in China,

The leaders took a decision to take forward the system of informal summits is a message to Pakistan as well because Islamabad has been counting on India’s support in its disputes with India. Resulting, President Xi Jinping will have an informal summit in India next year


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