In Chandigarh, all flights have been canceled due to poor visibility after the dust storm. The weather has rendered the flights unable to land or take off from Chandigarh International airport. This has led to the cancellation of 26 flights, according to ANI’s report.

There were three International flights too which have been canceled. The Passengers felt robbed and asked Airline operators should have informed on a prior notice. They should otherwise have arranged a way of transportation to Delhi by themselves for the passengers.  Except, Air India all other Airline services have asked the passengers to refund their flights because of the pressure put on them by the passengers asking them to co-operate. Around 4000 passengers have reportedly canceled their tickets and got their refund.



The condition has made the passengers resort to road transportation to arrive at  Indira Gandhi International or Palam Airport, Delhi. Taxi and cab drivers are taking undue advantage of the situation and charging high fares than usual to the passengers those who need to reach there to catch other flights.

However, Air India has reportedly arranged for a luxury bus service to Delhi for the passengers who were supposed to reach  Sharjah, Dubai and Bangkok so that they can get their connecting flights from there.


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