Greats Ronaldo and Messi will also be retiring from the game

Football is a quick game. At first, you will be at one end and in a fraction of a second you can beat the other. All players are expected to be at the top of their fitness levels if at all they wish to survive in this competitive game.
Although, age is just a number there are many great players, who will be kicking the ball for the last time in this FIFA World Cup. Here is the list:
1) Lionel Messi (Argentina)- Just like AB De Villiers in cricket, it is Messi in football. Probably the best in the game but yet to win the cup for his country. Messi also stated recently that

“My dream is still the same – to be in the final and lift the cup. We want to lift the Cup this time since this might be the last chance for our generation of footballers to win it.”

Let us wait and watch what kind of support he gets from the rest of his side.
2) Cristiano Ronaldo (Portugal)- The 33-year is also known as the goal-scoring machine of Argentina. The comparisons are always on between him in Messi.
He is also looking to seal the all-important trophy and then you never know he might call it a day!
3) Andres Iniesta (Spain)- The legendary Spanish man is probably the best mid-fielder of this era. He is also known as the ‘Don’ of football. His side won the cup in 2010. In a radio show, he stated,

“At the moment, naturally, this World Cup will possibly be my last appearance for the national team,”

4) Tim Cahill (Australia)- This will be his 4th World Cup and the 38-year old is very much likely to quit the game. If he manages to get it into the goal, he will be only the fourth player in the world to score in 4 world cups. He is pretty much straightforward when he says that

  “I’m not naive enough to think I’m indispensable because no player is,”

5) Javier Mascherano (Argentina)-  The defensive midfielder has played 143 games for his national side. Javier is sure of his retirement after the tournament as he said that

“My cycle with the national team ends in Russia,”

Argentina will be releasing two great players in him and Messi.
The world cup starts on the 14th of June.
the article has been submitted by Bhrigu Bagga


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