There are many summer drinks that you can try to fulfill your thirst. This summer season, don’t just drink healthy but also tasty and delicious drinks. Here are some easy summer drink recipes that are healthy as well as deliciou. So, get ready to try these easy summer drink recipes and make summers more bearable.

Here are 5 easy summer drink recipes that are healthy and yummy. You can make these drinks at your home easily.

1. Coconut Mint Cooler

Coconut Mint Cooler refers to Coconut water with mint and lime juice. As we all know that  coconut is a good source of vitamin C, fiber and good to drink in summers. It also decrease the risk of blood clots. It’s a  refreshing drink that stores in the refrigerator for up to three days.

Recipe  –

Combine fresh coconut water with mint leaves and lime juice. If you prefer it little sweet, then you can add little sweetener according to your taste just before serving over ice. You can enjoy it anytime. This drink is good for upset stomach, blood pressure issues.

2.  Aam Panna

Aam Panna is something which is mandatory in every summer because aam is love. Whether you like summer season or not but everyone loves mango. Mango contains high levels of calcium and potassium that keep your bones and teeth healthy.

Recipe –

Add mango pulp, mint, cumin powder, salt and then blend the all things well. Add some water before serving it with ice. It’s the perfect summer and you can drink it any time. It is best for Oral care and calcium deficiency.

3. Apple-Cinnamon Detox Water

Apple-Cinnamon Detox Water is healthy and as well as delicious. As we all know that Apple contains iron while cinnamon improve the functioning of brain cells. This is something you should try this summer.

Recipe –

Add apples, cinnamon sticks in a utensil filled with water and heat it for 15 minutes. Then, refrigerate the drink overnight, enjoy it the next day. Apple-Cinnamon Detox Water is best for loss of appetite, anemia and diabetes like issue. You can drink it on regular intervals throughout the day.

4.  Watermelon Detox Water

Watermelon Detox Water is too healthy and refreshing. As we all know that Watermelon contains an amino acid named citrulline, that improves your liver function.

Recipe –

Add watermelon and fresh mint leaves to a jar. After that muddle them and fill it with water. Refrigerate it for overnight and drink it the next morning. The drink is best for Kidney problem and diabetes issue. Drink this to beatthe summer season.

5. Buttermilk Detox Drink

Buttermilk Detox Drink is tasty as well as healthy too. Buttermilk is rich in vitamin B Complex, vitamin D, calcium, riboflavin. The drink has no side effects, so don’t worry.

Recipe – 

Mix buttermilk with a few fresh mint leaves and coriander leaves in a jar. According to yourtaste, add  cumin powder, pinch of salt and stir it well. Buttermilk Detox Drink is best for Gastrointestinal problems and infections, bone density, bacterial infections and acidity type of issues.

Well, these are some easy summer drink recipes that you can make at home. But if you know any other summer drink recipe, let us know in the comments section below.


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