If you are also a seafood lover, then you’re at right place. Here we have listed out some easy seafood recipes that you can prepare at home. These recipes will take your less effort and less time.

Here are 5 Easy Seafood Recipes that you can easily pepare at home.

1. Prawn Sesame Toast

Ingredients Of Prawn Sesame Toast –

Prawns, bread slices, fish sauce, sesame seeds, garlic, fresh coriander, red chili, oil.

Recipe –

  • Gently pound the prawns and add fish sauce.
  • Add the red chilli, garlic, coriander and mix well.
  • Cut small circles in bread by using ring mould.
  • Top each circle with prawn mixture.
  • Dip the bread into the sesame seeds.
  • Then deep fry and serve it hot.

2. Calamari Fritters

Ingredients Of Calamari Fritters –

Flour, salt, paprika powder, black pepper, squid rings, mayonnaise, red chilli, gherkins, lemon juice, paprika powder.

Recipe –

  • Season the flour with pepper, salt and paprika powder.
  • Now, mix the squid with flour. Fry it for 2 minutes.
  • For chilli mayo, mix the mayonnaise with lemon juice, red chilli, capers and gherkins. Season with Paprika powder.
  • Serve Calamari Fritters with chilli mayo.

3. Curried Scallops

Ingredients Of Curried Scallops –

Scallops, turmeric powder, jaggery (gur), cumin, mace, nutmeg, cinnamon, black peppercorns, coriander seeds, chilli powder, salt, butter, fresh basil, garlic, vinegar, cream, potatoes, flour (maida), bread crumbs, raw mangoes (keri), oil, red chilli flakes, lemon, orange juice, sugar.

Recipe –

  • Mix all dry spices and coat it onto the shallots.
  • Cook the shallots with basil and butter.
  • Fry shallots with garlic and vinegar with spice mixture.
  • Now, grate the potato and prepare a mix of flour and bread crumbs. Dip potatoes in the mixture, deep  fry.
  • Slice the keri and saute in a pan with oil, orange juice, red chilli flakes, lemon juice and sugar.
  • Finally serve with a layer of cream, scallops and the fritters.

4. Seafood Rasam

Ingredients Of Seafood Rasam –

Fish, baby octopus, shrimps, clam, clam shells, squids tubes, mussel meat, diced prawns, yellow clam meat, red chillies, mustard seeds, fenugreek seed, curry leaves, cloves, garlic, ginger, onions, tomatoes, turmeric, red chilli powder, curry powder, asafoetida (heeng), lentil puree, prawn stock, tamarind pulp, oil, salt.

Recipe –

  • Heat oil in a pan then add red chillies.
  • Add mustard seeds, fenugreek seeds, crushed garlic, curry leaves, ginger, onions and tomatoes.
  • Add the seafood, turmeric, red chilli powder, curry powder and heeng, mix them well.
  • Pour lentil puree and prawn stock them add tamarind pulp, let it boil and then serve.

5. Mussels With Lemon Grass

Ingredients Of Mussels With Lemon Grass –

Mussels, lemon grass, onions, salt,  black pepper, oil, red chilli, sugar, fish sauce, roasted peanuts

Recipe –

  • Keep mussels in a pieces.
  • Remove leaves of lemongrass and slice the tender white part of stalk. Bruise it with mortar and pestle.
  • Mix the mussels with salt, pepper, onions and set aside for 30 minutes.
  • Heat oil in a bowl shaped frying pan, add the chillies and stir fry
  • Season it with sugar, peanuts and pepper.
  • Add fish sauce and serve with rice.


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