If you are looking for some yummy and delicious pork recipes then you’ve come to the right place.  Here we’ve got you covered with fresh flavours and new twists of pork dishes. You can prepare it in many ways from roasted, grilled, fried, smoked to stir fried.

Here are 5 Easy Pork Recipes that you can prepare at home.

1. Thai Pork Salad

Ingredients Of Thai Pork Salad –

Lean pork, avocado, shallots, chopped cucumber, jalapenos, onion, pepper, sesame oil, salt, garlic, oil, fish sauce, lemon juice, basil leaves, sugar.

How to Make Thai Pork Salad –

  • Slice the pork pieces and mix with sesame oil, salt and pepper.
  • Now, heat some oil and saute the garlic and onions.
  • Finally add the pork, then add fish sauce.
  • In a bowl add the lettuce, avocado, shallots, cucumber, jalapenos, spring onions, salt and peppers.
  • Finally add the pork and serve it.

2. Pork Sorpotel

Ingredients Of Pork Sorpotel –

Pork leg, oil, onions, ginger, garlic, salt, turmeric, chilli powder, clove powder, black pepper powder, vinegar, cumin seed powder.

How to Make Pork Sorpotel –

  • Boil pork for some minutes, cool it and dice into small pieces.
  • Now heat oil and saute meat
  • Remove meat pieces and then put back with pork.
  • In a pan, heat oil and fry onions, garlic and ginger.
  • Now, add the meat mixture with the turmeric, black pepper, chilli powder, clove, vinegar and cumin.
  • Cook it for a while and serve it.

3. Pork Vindaloo


Ingredients Of Pork Vindaloo –

Pork pieces, chillies, vinegar, ginger, garlic, cumin seeds, oil, onions, salt.

How to Make Pork Vindaloo –

  • Grind the chillies, garlic, ginger and cumin to a fine paste.
  • Mix the pork into the masala.
  • Now heat the oil in a pan and add the pork mixture then stir-fry.
  • Add the onions, mix it well and serve hot.

4. Jamaican Pork Chops

Ingredients Of Jamaican Pork Chops –

Onions, ginger paste, garlic paste, red onion, thyme (chopped), salt to taste, soy sauce, vinegar, red and green chilli, all spice powder, kidney beans, rice, carrots, beans, garlic, bacon, coconut milk, butter, black pepper, hot paprikas.

How to Make Jamaican Pork Chops –

For marinade:

  • Grind ingredients to make a wet paste and marinate the pork chops for about two hours.
  • Cook on a pan or you can also bake in the oven.

For Rice and Beans:

  • Wash and soak the beans. Cook the beans.
  • Wash and drain the rice.
  • Now, add the rice to the cooking stock and beans.
  • Cover and cook for about 25 to 30 minutes
  • Add the coconut milk, butter and fork into the rice.

5. Lemon Pork

Ingredients Of Lemon Pork –

Oil, shallots small, pork, fish sauce, coconut milk, lemon juice, onions, coriander leaves to garnish.

How to Make Lemon Pork –

  • In a pan, heat the oil and then fry the shallots until it gets crispy.
  • Now fry the pork and add fish sauce.
  • When the pork will be cooked, add the shallots and coconut milk.
  • Add the lemon juice, onions. Stir well.
  • Garnish with coriander leaves.


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