A new case of doctor’s negligence has came in front of us, the ignorance of doctor towards patient took the life of new born baby. The story of couple, Sanjay Verma and Shweta Verma who lost their baby due to negligence of Dr. Gunjan.

It is the another incident which hints at the existence of a money making business run by hospitals or their ignorance has been taking a life of innocent people. The hospitals and doctors have started taking an advantage of this.

Sanjay Verma shared this news on his facebook and the whole thing got viral in few hours. In his statement, he wrote that, “Dr. Gunjan was treating my wife Shweta Verma during her pregnancy as her gyna in Aveya fertility, Rajouri Garden.

We went for routine checkup on 17th Aug 2018 around 1:00 pm and post checkup Gunjan asked me to admit Shweta in Kapoor Medical Centre in the evening around 8:00 pm. We admitted Shweta in Kapoor medical centre at 9:00 pm on 17th Aug 2018.

Dr. Gunjan did checkup in her cabin before we admitted Shweta in room no. 41, 3rd floor. And, she just suggested few medicines to the sister (Sita) and also asked sister to give medicine to fasten the delivery process at 12:00 am 18th Aug 2018.

Post that medicine Shweta was suffering with pain and doing vomiting. So, we started calling Dr. Gunjan from 12:30 am, then she came at 1:00 am and did checkup and told us that delivery won’t happen until 5:00am. Also, she asked my mom to not call her directly in a very bad behaviour. She told sister that I will come at 5:00 am and asked sister to give shweta one more dose at 3:00am to fasten the delivery process and left the hospital at 1:10am. Post which Shweta was doing vomiting and bleeding with severe pain.

Now, come to the sister, She was sleeping all night and whenever shweta was in severe pain, we went to sister and asked her for checkup and every time she was just checking the heartbeat and saying all good. She never came by her own. Heartbeat should be checked in every 15-20mins at the time of labour pain and one doctor should be available on the spot. None of them was there. I paid 20k in advance in total of 40k amount. To get these type of facilities?? Shame on you guys!!

At 4:00 am on 18th Aug 2018, Shweta got a blood clot and was in severe labour pain. We again went to sister who was sleeping, she woke up and came. She was in that much of sleep that she even hold the hospital room’s phone and applied cream on the speaker instead of Fetal heartbeat checkup machine.

Now, she was trying to find the heartbeat and went outside of the room saying heartbeat is little low because baby is moving here and there. And said, its normal, it happens at the time of pain

We again went to sister at 4:30 am to get the checkup done. She came and tried to find out the heartbeat but there was no heartbeat. She took 20mins in finding the heartbeat but I didn’t hear any. I asked sister to please call Dr. Gunjan. She said I will not call her otherwise she will scold me. I even asked to call in reception and ask them to call her but they said Gunjan’s phone is busy.

In the end, I started calling Gunjan at 4:58 but she didn’t pickup my call. I dropped her message saying “No heartbeat” second message “ sister was unable to find heartbeat”. She never responded.

She came at 5:08 am in the room and asked all of us to get out of the room. She took 10mins in the room and was trying to find the heartbeat of the baby.

She shifted Shweta in labour room ( can you imagine? Without wheelchair. Yes, shweta was walking from one room to labour room without wheelchair in that pain)

Within 10 mins, Shweta delivered a baby boy and now Dr. Gunjan called 2-3 more doctors because of the emergency and she knew she did the mistake of her life. They shifted the baby boy in another room as baby was not crying at all and showing no movements.

I was seeing my baby in front of me and the doctors was giving oxygen and other treatment to my baby but he never moved.

Almost after 30mins, doctors asked me that your baby is no more.

But, the truth is that baby got died between 4 and 4:30am when there was no doctor available for my baby.

My baby tried to come by own and stuck in between and his breath got stopped due to suffocation, when Shweta was bleeding and in pain and sister asked us baby’s heartbeat dropped down but its normal and it happens at 4:00 am, I am damn sure now.

I can feel the pain of my son and my wife. She was in pain throughout the night, she gave every possible care to her baby in 9 months. Now, she is suffering in that pain which can’t be healed by anyone in her life.

I called police and reported everything but they asked us that they will go with the procedure and do postmortem of the baby. My entire family came to the conclusion that we can’t see the postmortem of that small baby (there is no fault of him). Thus, I can’t go with that procedure.

I need to ruin Dr. Gunjan’s career and repo of Hospital (Kapoor medical centre, naraina). So, that they will not be able to do these things to others.

Can all of you please share these videos and post in every possible way??

I need justice!!

Thanks, Sanjay.” The statement ends here.

He describes the whole thing in his post and waiting for justice. Sanjay Verma also posted the images and videos of the whole incident.

Here are the images of Dr. Chawla’s report too –

Well, such Irresponsible behaviour of doctors must not be ignored. Whether it’s Dr. Gunjan fault or Kapoor Medical Centre’s fault, the strict action should be taken and such kind of medical centres should be shut down. The innocent people who trust blindly on the doctors should get justice. 

We request you all to share this post as much as you can.

Today awareness has become so easy via social media that we can raise our voice and he has chosen the right path, so guys help this guy to get justice.



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