Couple of days, ICC released a press release stating that Dinesh Chandimal has been found guilty of ball tampering

On the 19th of June, ICC declared match referee Javagal Srinath’s on it website, which clearly said that the Sri Lankan captain has been found guilty of changing the condition of the ball, as a result he has been handed over a 100% match fee, receiving two suspension points and has been suspended for one Test match.
It was the day two of the 2nd Test, when Sri Lanka were bowling to host West Indies at the St Lucia. Match referee Javagal Srinath saw the footage of Chandimal first consuming a substance and then he spit on his finders in order to polish the ball.
On this, Srinath commented that “After reviewing the footage of the incident, it is clear that Dinesh applied an artificial substance to the ball, namely saliva containing the residue of something he had in his mouth, an action which is prohibited under the ICC Code of Conduct. ” 
This statement from the match referee was pretty much clear and explains the mistake of the Sri Lankan captain. However in another statement the former Indian fast bowler explains that, Chandimal does not remember what exactly he was consuming on the cricket field. “During the hearing, Dinesh admitted to putting something in his mouth but couldn’t remember what it was, which I found unconvincing as a defense and the fact remains it was an artificial substance. “
The latest update is that Dinesh Chandimal has appealed against the findings of the match referee and ICC announced this on Twitter as they wrote: ” BREAKING: Dinesh Chandimal has appealed against the match referee’s findings that saw him suspended for one Test after being found guilty of changing the condition of the ball.”

It will be interesting to see what happens next up, here is the video which clearly shows the Lankan captain trying to change the condition of the ball.


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