Delhi’s biggest encounter happened on a Saturday night in West Delhi area where the group of five gangsters clashed with Police. The special DCP Sanjeev Yadav was leading the encounter.

The five gangsters included, Rajesh Bharti, he was a gang leader, Kapil, Sanjeet Bindro, Umesh Don, Bhikhu. The police and the special force from many states were in search of this group.  The special cell of Delhi Police got an information that Rajesh Bharti will be arriving at the Chhatarpur area with his gang. After getting the information the Police force planned a full web to trap the gang. Also, the force investigated their personal area where they were supposed to arrive.

Just after the first interaction, the gang of Rajesh Bharti tried to escape and then, when they found it impossible then they started firing on the police force.

biggest encounter in Delhi
Source: Google

As the police force already had the orders to encounter this gang anywhere they identify them, so after the initiate from gangsters, The police force replied with bullets only.

During the shootout, Rajesh Bharti and other gangsters shot dead, while one got injured brutally. But then during the treatment at the hospital, he was dead.

Rajesh Bharti and the Sanjeet Bindro, both of them were on the top-20 gang list of special force Haryana. Also, Rajesh Bharti had charges like 302 and 307 in Delhi and other states.

total 25 cases were filed against him for robbery, whereas, Sanjeet had 10 cases of robbery filed against him.

According to the sources, both of them ran away from the Haryana police, after which, the police announced a prize money of 10 lakhs, for whoever will find them and report to police.



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