In association with White Cofee Records which comes under the banner of HSK entertainment, Chirag Dahiya launched his debut song ‘Ve Sajna’ on 13th July 2107. The song was launched at Bunta Bar, Janpath in New Delhi where Himani Kapoor (Bollywood Singer and SaReGaMaPa winner), Manan Bhardwaj (Bollywood Music Director, film 3AM fame of Ranvijay Singh and coming up with projects for Yashraj films), Chirag Dahiya (Lead Singer) and Paramveer Kapoor (HSK Entertainment Pvt. Ltd. Lead) graced the media with their presence and revealed their future plans, a bit about their personal life and preferences too.

Everything aside, the new song is a sweet romance that you can surely dedicate to your better half and be touched by the overwhelming emotions of love and tragedy!

The song is written and directed by Bollywood music director Manan Bhardwaj. He penned down such beautiful lyrics of two people in love who never wants to get separated. It’s the kind of song you would want to hum all day long.

Coming to the composition, Music is such, that it feels like a song that flows like a stream facing all the hurdles along the way and still gets back to its ultimate destination, in the arms of the sea!

Ve Sajna
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The song starts with the lead singer Chirag Dahiya and features Komal who have just arrived at a place and are hoping to have a fresh start since then. But something unfortunate happens when Chirag leaves the room to get some water, Komal is abducted. When Chirag returns and finds out, it is like his whole world is being crushed. Like a knight in shining armor, he is able to rescue the damsel in distress.

The cinematography is kind of cliche and it ends in the same over-rated way by the hero getting hit on the head from behind and still surviving, getting up and living to tell the tale!

The story though is quite fitting for the lyrics where the guy says,“Ve Sajna, Dur Nahi Jaana. Paas Rahna, Saath Rahna” that is, he is asking his love to always be with him, near him and never go far away and as soon as the girl is out of his sight the unfortunate happens and she is kidnapped! The intensity of the scene is surely enhanced by the intensity of the song which is just what the scene demands.

Watch the song for yourself here:

The makers of the song have ensured that they make a good piece that is better than many of the other Bollywood songs. They are creating tracks that are relatable, simple. subtle and touching. All these elements are definitely going to give the new talents a kick in their career which they are aiming to do so.



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