Since summers are all set with the scorching heat and the vacations being beckoned. It’s time for those books & college bag to rest in the cupboard for some time and be free. But once you are entirely free from all your assignments, submissions and the term end examinations your mind and soul demands to have some entertainment. And nothing can be better than excursions and trips with the purpose of enjoyment and practical experience. It is also one of the most creative experience for beginners. When you travel you don’t just open a new window of your life but you open your heart. The nature of human mind is such that it always needs and aspires for joy.

So get your bags packed and clutch your best friend’s hands and get ready to explore these places that are sure to relieve you from all that stress and anxiety and take you to an adventure land with great learning experiences which you are to cherish for sure. So here we have some places best suited for a beginner travel budget this summer.

1. Shehastradhaara-Dehradun

Since the plains temperature is too high for any enjoyment especially during summers why not head towards those chilling and soothing hills. Dehradun the city of love has a lot for you this vacation.

Shehastradhra which is a 20km (45min ride) from ISBT Dehradun is one of the famous tourist spots in Dehradun. The serenity and peace of this place are unmatched with the gushing sound of those freshwater springs and the views of enchanting hills all around. You are sure to enjoy the hidden caves and Maggie points as you advance towards the top of hills. With water all around you, you can also enjoy a dip to beat the heat.


Well after a dull and Monotonous semester you certainly will love the adventurous camping and rafting in the holy Ganges. So thrill yourself with the roaring waves and enjoy with every splash at Rishikesh and indulge yourself in adventurous water Sports.

Kempty Falls- Mussoorie

Nature is the best therapy…so why not enjoy this summer in the lap of nature surrounded by beautiful waterfalls and around the hilly tracks of Uttarakhand. Kempty falls is one of the most soothing places to enjoy your summers peacefully an in a full-fledged natural beauty calming your mind & soul.

Munsiyari-Pithoragarh, Uttarakhand

If you get mesmerized and start daydreaming when you see those snow-covered peaks with sun rising among the clouds in movies and want to be at places like that where you see the sun rising as soon as you draw the curtains of your room… then Munsiyari is what you have always been dreaming of surrounded by snow-covered mountains and glaciers will not just be a feast to your eyes but to your soul as well.

Lansdowne-Pauri Garhwal, Uttarakhand

If you are all set for a more thrilling and adventurous vacation this summer than mesmerize yourself with the beautiful scenic views of this place from a tip and top viewpoint and wake up to find some wild pets taking a stroll around your resort in Lansdowne.

Robbers cave-Dehradun

This summer why not rob all the dullness from your life…if you are not a hydrophobic and an adventurer in quest of treasure then you must certainly visit the calm and peaceful fun spot the Robbers Cave. The place is also famous with the name of Gucchu Pani. Situated around 8km from Dehradun it is 600m long cave with knee length water with cliffs and rocks as you make your way through the cave. The must have a visit place, especially in summers.


Also called the Jack of holidays and queen of summer Darjeeling is sure to cast a spell on you with its beauty. And places to enjoy in Darjeeling in summers are just wonderful…be it the enchanting beauty of tiger hills or the serenity of peace pagoda or the mesmerizing and inviting orchards, gardens and lakes of Mirik.

Well even if you are situated somewhere in the south and coming all the way to the north would get too hectic no worries! The beautiful diversified country has a lot to offer to no matter in which direction you go.

Nandi hills-Chikkaballapur, Karnataka

If you want your summers to be fruitful from your learning point of view than visit the Nandi hills not just to enjoy the natural beauty from a height but to also explore some historical facts behind the places like Tipu’s drop, Tipu’s summer residence, Mundenhaali, Amrita Sarovar and Nandi temple to name a few. And don’t forget to wait for the beautiful sunrise and sunset view.


Located about 120km south-west of Pune and around 285km from Mumbai a vast plateau bound by valleys from all sides is a well-known tourist spot and famous for its Sunrise/Wilson point. So pull down the windows of your car and enjoy the cold breeze brushing past your face and enjoy the freshly cream wiped strawberries enjoying the panoramic views. Meanwhile, you can also go for a boat ride in Vienna lake surrounded by the valleys of Mahabaleshwar.

Well, there are a lot more such places that can amaze you and leave you spellbound. We will be coming up with more of them soon.

the images are designed by Anupam Singh

 this article has been submitted by Siddhi Ojha


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