Malls start seeming useless after some dates for people and if one has been to the monuments like India Gate, Old Fort, has been to movies then it seems difficult to find the new and fresh venues for a date in New Delhi.

There are so many things that two people could do and many places where you could go out on a date in Delhi.

Here Are 6 Best Romantic Places in Delhi to visit with your partner

1. Walk Around Connaught Place

One of the famous places of the city, the Connaught place boasts of a variety of evergreen specialities like shakes from Keventers and pastry from Wenger’s. The best part of Connaught place is that you can grab so many things and food to and the privacy for your date conversations.

2. Mehrauli Archaeological Park

If you are enthusiastic about history and want to know about the history and unknown facts of Delhi then you should not give this place a miss. Mehrauli Archaeological Park is the most populated area in terms of the monuments. A happy walk through the parks as you discuss the stories of history and this will reveal much about your about your partner’s taste.

3. Potbelly Rooftop Cafe, Shahpur Jat

This place is floating with quaint and good places to enjoy a food at. This cafe is a beautiful place where you can have some good food with your date.

4. Lodi – The Garden Restaurant

This Restaurant offers a beautiful seating arrangement to have a conversation with your date. It is ranked as Delhi’s best restaurant.

5. SKY Lounge, Connaught Place

This lounge set with LED furniture, this is the lounge for you if you love swanky places. And if you enjoy heights too then this is the right place for you.

6. Summer House Cafe, Aurobindo Place

The Aurobindo Place is brimming with the places where you can meet your date and Summer House Cafe is one such place. It is beautiful and also with a line up of good live music and performances.


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