A few days ago, An air hostess of Air India sent a letter to Civil Aviation Minister Suresh Prabhu, the letter has consisted a complaint against her senior executive, She mentioned everything regarding the harassment and how her complaint was taken lightly by the airline management and Air India CMD. The letter was also market to Prime Minister Narendra Modi, asking to appoint a “neutral” committee to investigate the case which has been running since 6 years.

as soon as the case came to notice, Suresh Prabhu and tweeted:

Prabhu had directed the airline to investigate the accusations Tuesday, after the first letter, Gopalakrishnan was promoted and made the in-flight service department in-charge days later.

The Complainant wrote a second letter to women and child development minister Maneka Gandhi. She is supposed to meet Maneka Gandhi in Delhi on Monday.

She was asked to visit Delhi for a meeting with the minister after she wrote a second letter to Maneka Gandhi and On Friday she had a meeting with civil aviation Suresh Prabhu.

Maneka Gandhi confirmed the meeting. She had referred the matter to the civil aviation ministry, which asked Air India to examine the complaint.

The letters were uploaded publically on twitter

The complainant clearly stated that it is not just her, and it happened with others as well, but the management does not take the strict actions against Captain Darryl Pais.

She was given “virtual threats” that she would lose her job or be demoted if she pursued the complaint, the source added. Also, Pais had repeatedly asked her to “strike a compromise” before she went public. However, the complainant made her point clear that she wants to “fight this till the end”, is willing to move court if necessary.

This is not the first time, that Air India is coming up cases like this, In the Year 2016 a case similar to the present one came out. a case of harassment and sexual abuse, that too was against a male employee of the company.


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