Coming Sunday the whole world is going to celebrate one of the most important relation in every single individual’s life “Fathers Day”. The pillar of a family, the breadwinner, the role model of a child. He is that one person whom we all love beyond words. Sometimes few of us fail to express it to him.

It is father only who would swim oceans for his child just to make it possible for the kid to sail through it in luxurious yachts.

I am sure all of us want to show how much important our fathers are to us. How without them we won’t be standing where we are now. Every thought we have, every opportunity we score, every decision we make is ultimately the product of what we have inherited from him. The inheritance is some kind of foundation base that he has created for us.

Let’s just appreciate the fact that this kind of special day, dedicated to this special position in our life exists.

Let it be the reason to finally let out what you have been feeling for a long time.

We have compiled a few quotes and messages that all of us can relate to in this context. And even Share on our whatsapp with our father.
(If you know what I mean?)


And the inheritance is not money for sure you all get it right !


In your bad times who else is going to be there other than your father supporting your back. ( Am I right or am I right!)


Of course, ordinary for the world yet extra-ordinary human being for every child.


The teachings he provides. Every father wants his child to not to fear the problems. He stays beside like a back support and helps us to face crucial situations.


Meaning hereby, he is going to push you until you are giving your full efforts. And no matter how many men you meet in your life he is always going to be the best man for you.


Fortunate are the ones who have a father who tries to understand the generation gap and hence the behavior of his child accordingly.


It does matters to him if you are a spoiled brat but at the end of the day you are ‘his’ spoiled brat and nobody can take that away from you. So even if you are that bad apple of the family your father is going to love you. 



Often his hard work and turmoils remain under the carpet. You can see it in the crease on his forehead but never once would he complain about the stress he has to go through every day. 


He is always insightful about your future. Where your thoughts end, his would begin! Isn’t he always a nag regarding sweating a lot in peace so that you may bleed less in war? (This is what my dad is always teaching me.)


Don’t you feel amazing when you achieve something and your dad praises you for it? Look at him, doing the best for his child every day constantly without wishing for anything in return for himself. Always thinking of how he could provide a comfortable life for his family and working day and night for it.


So, what are you waiting for people? Go tell him how much you appreciate him in your life. Don’t let distance be a hurdle! Text him, mail him, just go and get it done…Even the ones who have not talked to him over days or weeks or months. Even if there is a huge fight between you guys just thank him for giving you this life!

P.S. this quote by William Shakespeare is legit-

If by chance i talk a little wild,

Forgive me, I had it from my father.

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