We’re used to reading many beautiful love stories in novels or watching them in movies but ignored the real ones. We must say real life love stories are one of the most beautiful and romantic and love stories. Well, this 86-yr-old Woman’s story will tell you why the real life stories are more romantic.

As we all know that Love has no expiration date and true love is one of best thing. Love is not about two people are together physically, it’s beyond that. This woman’s story is a good lesson of combination of love and optimism.

If you have lost hope in love, then you must read 86-Yr-Old Woman’s Story that will make you believe in pure and happy love.

I met him in Shorthand Typing class, we courted for five years before we got married. It was a love marriage in a time where love marriages didn’t exist. Our relationship was smooth sailing — everyone approved and celebrated how madly in love we were…I mean how could they not? You could feel it in your bones! My husband and I, we lived a simple, yet wonderful life. We worked hard, saved up and travelled the world together. We raised two beautiful children and our life became about the sweet sacrifices to give them the best! From stitching dresses for my daughter, to secretly laughing at all the mischief my son made, it’s been a good life.

She recalls about that time when she was young and fell for a man. They worked hard and travelled the world after marriage. So, it was a beautiful time for them.

4 years ago, my husband passed away peacefully. It broke my heart for a while, but even in death, he gave me strength…because I now had to continue our journey for the both of us. So, I travel the world alone, holding him close to my heart. I look after myself — I exercise, manage our investments and play Rummy twice a week! The highlight of my week is cooking a meal for my grandchildren, every Sunday, as they swarm me with questions about how I met their grandfather and what mischievous antics their parents got up to. My favourite story to narrate is from when my stubborn, mulish son, risked his life for a kite!

Well, it’s a true love that even after his husband’s death, she is living her life with too much positivity. She is travelling the world alone with the strength.

So here I am at 86, living a wonderful life in Parsi Colony. Ofcourse, I miss my husband — not a day goes by that I don’t wish he was here, holding my hand…but then that limits our love to being together. I love him as much today, as I did on the first day and that’s why I’ll live happily for the both of us…until we meet again.


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We must say A true love story never ends.


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