A massive data leak including 22 million passwords, over 772 million email addresses. It’s the first big data breach of 2019 which was first noticed by Troy Hunt.

The leaked data contain over 87 GB of passwords and email addresses. Troy Hunt, who is the MVP for developer security and Microsoft’s regional director. He called it Collection #1 which was uploaded to cloud service MEGA. The data contained over 12,000 files but the collection has been deleted from MEGA.

Troy Hunt added, “Collection #1 contains passwords and email addresses totalling 2,692,818,238 rows. It’s made up of different individual data breaches from thousands of different sources. He further added, “The unique email addresses 772,904,991, and 21,222,975 unique passwords were found.

He later created a website called haveibeenpwned.com. On this website, people can check whether their email address or password is safe or not.

If you’re thinking that the data breach won’t happen to you, think again because it probably already has. To check whether your data has been compromised or not, jump on to this website and enter your email address.

If your email address appears in the results, it’s time to change your password. For more security, switch on the two-factor authentication.

Troy Hunt said the risk is of credential stuffing as the automated injection of breached data pairs helps to fraudulently gain access to the user accounts. By using the email address and password combinations, anybody can have access to your account. The method works where an individual is used to recycling different passwords across different email addresses.

If you find out your email address on the site, it’s normal because Troy hunt also found information regarding his own accounts. His own personal data appeared in the database which was accurate. The correct email address and a correct password that he used many years ago. So, might be the passwords you’ve used are also floating around for others to see.

But this data leak will not work if you’ve used unique passwords as well as two-step verification.


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