In a conversation with a new friend, we often caught ourselves struck with a blank mind, followed by an awkward silence sometimes. For introverts, it becomes more difficult to start a conversation, for overthinkers the scene is like, a constant riddle stays in their mind about what to ask and what to skip.

Well, remember that a little humor always works, asking a funny question or some kind of question which could bring up a good humor with the answer can keep both of you in the conversation for a longer period.

I am going to tell you 10 questions that will help you know someone better and also the answers will surely get you a good humor,

Who knows, that will get you stick together. (wink!)


  1. That is something which will tell you another side of someone. And if the tone is right, the person might tell you something funny and why they are guilty about the scene.

2. Wanna dig in little but don’t wanna sound like an interviewer? This question will help you get the answers without sounding like a real stranger.

3.  This will tell you how that person takes themselves seriously, and that is why this is a very classic and go-to question.


4. This question will help know their perspective about the opposite gender, how they feel, how they see thing their way, some unexpected answers might surprise you.


5. On broader terms, we can say that everyone has met at least one celebrity. Whether it was at a book signing, on a plane, or just on the street, they are almost never normal. The answers may come with a wide smile on their faces or some annoying expression with a good story.


6. That might get you roffle on the floor because of the interests of the person who is answering this extra ordinary question.

7. Get ready to listen to some surprising answers to this particular question.

8. preference makes things clear about a person, as soon as you get to know them, the more it gets better.

(wink! you know what I mean…..)

9. know about their childhood tastes. You might be able to relate yourself to something.

10. Wanna dig into the devilish side of the person?  This question got your back.



Be a spot, let the conversation Begin.

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The images are designed by Anupam Singh 


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