1 June 2018 is celebrated as world milk day in the entire world.

World Milk Day was first designated by the FAO in 2001. June 1 was chosen as the date because many countries were already celebrating a milk day during that time of year.

The Day provides an opportunity to focus attention on milk and to publicise activities connected with milk and the dairy industry. The fact that many countries choose to do this on the same day lends additional importance to individual national celebrations and shows that milk is a global food.

In 2016, World Milk Day was celebrated in over 40 countries. Activities included marathons and family runs, milking demonstrations and farm visits, school-based activities, concerts, conferences and seminars, competitions and a range of events focusing on promoting the value of milk and illustrating the important role played by the dairy industry in the national economy.

Celebrations will happen again on June 1, 2018, and 2019 with a special campaign carried out by the Global Dairy Platform called “Raise a Glass” and a campaign hashtag: #World Milk Day


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